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dinner service


As part of our full-service catering, we offer different styles of dinner service, that work perfectly for all kinds of events.

Move the slider (click left & right) to explore all of our options,

which include, buffet, plated, family-style, cocktail reception, and stations.




A popular option that adds a fun and casual atmosphere to your event, while still delivering attention to detail and presentation.

Our buffet-style dinners provide the most versatility with your menu. Offer various entrees and side dishes to create a custom experience for your guests while being able to cater to many dietary restrictions all at once. In the case that you choose to offer multiple entrees and side dishes, we will bring enough for your guests to enjoy all options, should they wish. Most of our buffet packages include a beautiful fruit cascade as well as a pretty vegetable crudites platter to complement your meal.

We're big believers that people not only enjoy a meal with their taste buds but are enticed with their eyes before even trying a dish. Our team is dedicated to giving you a beautiful buffet display to impress your guests, which is why we also provide custom menu signage and coordinating floral arrangements. 

Our staff attends the buffet and serves your guests who will have the option of returning for seconds. Our catering coordinator and/or event captains will work with you the day of your event to assist in dismissing tables one by one (for larger events). In the case that there are any leftovers, our team will box your food up and set it aside for you to enjoy later. 

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